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About Marjorie MacArthur Veiga
Bioresonance Practitioner

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                   Marjorie set out on her healing journey after contracting Lyme disease which was                       physically and mentally debilitating for many years. While helping her daughter                           who also contracted tick-borne and mycotoxin illnesses, Marjorie determined to                         learn all she could about healing modalities. This journey immersed her in                                   extensive research and training with health professionals and a holistic approach.                     She learned about the beneficial effects of frequencies, as well as adjunctive                             practices, to help guide people suffering from chronic health issues to a better                           state of being. 

                   Marjorie used her background working as a senior project manager for a Fortune                       50 company to co-found an international women’s health organization. She has led numerous wellness support groups, written two books on Lyme Disease treatments, and she served on the board of the National Capital Lyme Disease Association. Over the last fifteen years, Marjorie has produced and spoken at numerous educational events on Lyme Disease and supportive protocols.

Marjorie, a bioresonance practitioner certified by the Association of PEMF Professionals, received her education from some of the top practitioners in the holistic health field. She has attained a diploma upon completion of 9 months of coursework from the World Organization of Natural Medicine and is a Natural Health Coach and Humanitarian Health Steward. Her daughter graduated from Bon Secours College of Nursing and is a Registered Nurse assisting psychiatric patients at a private clinic in the Washington DC area.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Marjorie over the phone or via video call, please email or Her consulting practice is located in the Washington D.C. area where she often meets with clients in person. 

Conferences Attended

  • Hope to Heal Lyme, Panelist - Reston VA, April 2006 and June 2007

  • ILADS - Washington DC, October 2009

  • Institute of Medicine, Lyme Disease & Other Tick Borne Diseases - Washington DC, April 2010

  • ILADS - New Jersey, October 2010

  • Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders - Lyme & Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bethesda MD, November 2011

  • Holmdel Lyme Lecture Night- Holmdel, NJ April 2011

  • Physicians Round Table - Tampa, January 2012

  • MayDay Rallies- Arlington, VA 2012-2015

  • ILADS- Washington DC, October 2014

  • ILADS - Philadelphia November 2016

  • American Holistic Nurses’ Association – Baltimore 2021

  • Chronic Illness Conference - November 2023


Partial List of Seminars Attended

  • Lyme Disease Overview - Dr. Joseph Jemsek, Washington DC

  • Lyme Disease Overview - Dr. Robert Mozayeni, Washington DC

  • Sick & Tired: Healthcare in America - Helene Jorgensen, PhD, Washington DC

  • Lyme in Children - Holmdel, New Jersey, April 2012.

  • Pediatric Lyme - Virginia, April 2012

  • Assistive Devices for Special Needs Children - McLean, VA September 2012

  • Special Siblings Seminar- Fairfax County Parent Resource Center, November 2012

  • Brain Day- Amen Clinic, Reston, VA March 2013

  • Applying for SSDI- Attorney Mitch Lambros, Fairfax, Virginia April 2013

  • Unleash the Power of the Female Brain-Amen Clinic, Reston, VA          April 2013

  • Lyme Disease & Children, Panel Discussion-Leesburg, VA May 2013

  • Pain & Depression- Gary Kaplan, DO- Kaplan Center, McLean, VA June 2013

  • East Meets West: Medical Acupuncture- Amen Clinic, Reston, VA August 2013

  • Partners Against Lyme Summit - George Mason University, Arlington, VA October 2013

  • Nutrition for Women- Total Health Concepts, Vienna, VA October 2013

  • Successful Strategies for 504 Plan Collaboration-Parent Resource Center, Tysons Corner, VA October 2013

  • Off Label, Evidence Based Indications for Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy-Dr. Samuel Shor, McLean, VA February 2014

  • From Files to Piles- Parent Resource Center, Tysons Corner, VA February 2014

  • Lyme Disease: A Biomedical Approach-Dr. Thomas Rau, Tysons Corner, VA March 2014

  • Lyme Disease Forum- Sponsored by Congressman Wittman, Woodbridge, VA, July 2014

  • Creating a Bridge to Success Through School-Home Communications-McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA, November 2014

  • Teen Suicide Focus Groups-Centreville, VA November 2014

  • Marijuana Not Harmful? Think Again-United Prevention Coalition, Falls Church, VA December 2014

  • Help Someone Cry- Speaker: Karen Worrell, RN, McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA March 2015

  • Lyme Disease Awareness-Multiple speakers hosted by ILADS, Tinton Falls, NJ, April 2015

  • Chinese Medicine & Lyme Disease-Rebecca Berkson L.Ac., McLean, VA May 2015

  • Probiotics: Why Your Gut Needs Them & How to Choose One- Maria Hepler, RDN, Kaplan Center, McLean, VA November 2015

  • Transforming Healthcare from Reactive to Predictive-Panel discussion hosted by The HUB, Sterling, VA          November 2015

  • Reclaim Your Brain, Dr. Daniel Amen, Reston, VA February 2016

  • Brain Warriors, Dr. and Mrs. Amen, Reston, VA May 2016

  • Lyme Nutrition, Robin Shirley, Reston, VA May 2016

  • Adrenal Fatigue, Rose Wellness Center, Oakton, VA September 2016

  • Intersections: Healthcare, Informatics, Personalized Health, Falls Church, VA October 2016

  • Mental Health & Wellness, Hosted by Fairfax County School System, October 2016

  • AmpCoil Summit, Lake Tahoe, CA 2017 & 2018

  • Womens' Health & Wellness Summit, Dulles, VA Aug 2018


Partial List of Speeches Made by Marjorie Veiga

  • Patient Panelist at Hope to Heal Lyme - Reston VA, April 2006

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem - National Capital Lyme Disease Association, August 2010 & February 2012

  • Lyme Basics - Medical Youth Society, October 2011

  • NeuroScience's Integrative Medicine Round Table on Neuropsychiatric Lyme - Fairfax, VA, March 2012 

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem -Harrisburg PA Area Lyme Disease Support Group, April 2012

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem - Lancaster PA County Lyme Disease Support Group, June 2012

  • Lyme Disease in Michigan - Charlevoix, MI Library, August 2012

  • Lyme 101 - Medical Youth Society, Madison High School, Vienna VA November 2011 & 2012

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem - Family Health Thermal Imaging, Herndon Virginia.    Jan-June 2013

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem - Amen Clinic, May 2013

  • Lessons Learned in the Miry Pit - Floris United Methodist Church, Herndon, VA May 2013

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem - Forestville Elementary, Great Falls, VA May 2013

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem - Frederick, MD Support Group, August 2013

  • Lyme Disease 101 - Grassroots Health & Fitness, Vienna, VA October 2013

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem- Private Home in Great Falls,VA February 2014

  • Using Technology to Manage the Medical Mayhem - Family Health Thermal Imaging, Herndon, VA March 2014

  • Navigating the Complexities of Lyme Disease- Vienna Presbyterian Church, VA April 2014

  • Learn the Latest on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases in Children (Moderator)-Fairfax VA October 2014

  • Managing the Medical Mayhem- McLean Bible Church, Vienna VA January 2015

  • Safe Summer Tick Talk, Dominion Trail Elementary School, Ashburn, VA May 2015

  • Lyme 101 - Medical Youth Society, Madison High School, Vienna VA March 2016

  • Safe Summer Tick Talk, Great Falls Cub Scouts, VA May 2016

  • Wellness for Humanity Foundation, Lake Tahoe, CA 2017

  • PEMF: A New Way to Wellness – Given to patients of Dr. Giardinelli 2019

  • Good Vibrations: A New Paradigm of Healing Amen Clinic January 2022

  • PEMF: A New Way to Wellness - Oakton, June 2022

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