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Well Cells Vitality Services is dedicated to helping chronic illness sufferers and their caregivers with complex issues.  Between the stress of numerous medical appointments and protocols and the resultant reduced sleep, increased pain, persistent brain fog, and poor nutrition, we want to help you manage the medical mayhem! We have technologies and recommendations that are supportive, non-toxic, and powerful. Take a look at our offerings...

Wellness Services

Holistic Health Approach

Wellness and remaining healthy are more important than ever. Are you ready to activate your mind, body and soul to be the best you? There’s no time like the present! Marjorie received her diploma to be a Natural Health Coach from the University of Humanitarian Medicine and the World Organization of Natural Medicine. 

Wellness Consulting

Tired of therapies and procedures that only leave you feeling worse? Want to improve your mood, sleep, energy, and reduce pain without side effects and scars? Make an appointment with Marjorie and she’ll evaluate your food & water intake, exercise, sleep, and stress to provide a plan for you to get your life back! 


Frequency modalities are easy to use. Think of how great you feel when you are listening to your preferred genre of music or favorite musician. Sound therapy plays music into your cells, creating the energy your need to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Sound Waves

Devices that utilize PEMF technology emit electromagnetic fields at different frequencies in order to stimulate the body's natural recovery process and encourage homeostasis.


Benefits of PEMF include:


  • Improved cellular respiration

  • Balanced pH (alkaline vs acidic)

  • Increased energy

  • Refined immune response

  • Mood elevation

  • Better microcirculation

  • Pain relief

  • Faster healing from wounds and injuries


PEMF devices were first approved by the FDA for the treatment of broken bones. Think of these devices as battery chargers for your body. When our cells have fuel, they have the energy needed to perform all of these miraculous and complex functions.

What is 
Bioresonance and how could it help me?

Bioresonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to microbes, metals, or other toxins. Proponents of bioresonance believe that detection of these waves can be used to identify disturbances while changing these waves back to their normal frequency will treat disease.

To use bioresonance, a machine “reads” the energy wavelengths coming from the body. This process assesses your body’s priorities.

Then, those energy frequencies can be adjusted by the machine to allow the body’s cells to vibrate at their “natural frequency,” potentially returning one’s body to its pre-infection, pre-toxic state.

Many people feel that frequency modalities have helped them with numerous types of medical conditions that cause pain, stress, fatigue, and injuries. Please review the testimonials by our clients (below) who feel this method has helped them with their overall health conditions.

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Testimonials from our clients

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Discover the AmpCoil

The AmpCoil System is based on Energy,

Frequency and Vibration!

AmpCoil is a wellness tool that works with the energetic body utilizing innovations from Nikola Tesla, mainstream physics, and quantum mechanics.

What makes AmpCoil unique from other devices on the market is the combination of multiple scientifically proven technologies that help to balance the body's systems at a sub-cellular level.

Disclaimer: is an informational resource for patients, caregivers and health care providers. The content presented is for informational purposes only and is based on the author’s personal or professional experiences. This website exclusively represents the viewpoints and approaches of the author; it does not necessarily represent the viewpoint or approaches of any health care provider, corporation, or organization. Information provided on this website should not be used to substitute for the advice of your personal physician or other licensed medical professionals. This website makes no health, medical or diagnostic claims for any information it contains.

The testimonials below are from our actual clients. Please note that we are not medical professionals and that these comments are for your consideration only and do not replace professional medical care by a certified healthcare professional. 

Can I just share I have SO MUCH energy and my mind is so sharp and feeling very focused! Thank you!!!


Marjorie has been the biggest blessing in my journey toward healing. She has been patient, empathetic, determined, and persistent, even when I’ve felt all hope was lost. She has been so generous with her time and resources. Even in the time I’ve known her, her knowledge of natural healing has exponentially grown and she is so knowledgeable about what she does. I learn so much from her every time we talk. After living in a home full of black mold and my organs shutting down, Marjorie stuck with me and would not give up hope. I am now traveling the world in a healthy body and smiling spirit, able to do what I thought would never be done. I still call her and ask for help now and again, and am able to bounce back to better in no time. Thank you Marjorie for your healing hands that the Lord has blessed you with!!! Rebekah

That Healy program really helped my nervous system. It started working on the nerves in my heels, then the left hip issue I've had for 2 years resolved. Then I noticed my heart rate downshifted. It then worked on my cranial area. Amazing. I feel really great today Marjorie :). Moments like this give me loads of hope. I’m so grateful to you!!! 

-- Wendy

As a long-term insulin-dependent diabetic I eat well and exercise regularly. In the previous 2 years, my blood sugar readings were consistently rising dangerously high after intense exercise rather than falling as had always been the case. My doctors simply said to take more insulin before exercising which really did not get to the root cause. Only after I did a cleanse and a “Full Organ Tuneup” with the Ampcoil have my blood sugars returned to normal after my intense exercise of biking and lap swimming. I am immensely grateful for this discovery and plan to maintain a regular Ampcoil tuneup schedule.   -- Robert


Parasite cleanse + Detox Assist = energy + mixed feelings!  Two hours after my first session, I had mild abdominal cramping and then a toilet bowl full of worms. Yep, no doubt about it. [She goes on to describe the “decisively dead” appearance in detail.] Mixed feelings because “So GROSS! That came out of me?!” but happy they are gone. I then had so much energy that I ran 2 miles. Now normally on the 2nd day of a fast, I would not have even let myself run, but I was feeling that I could. I finished as I would on a “good” day too!  Now I wonder what will happen after my 4th parasite session?!  Patty

We are grateful for improved health and to be able to participate more in life!!! Ron and Sandra

I put the LifeWave patch on today; not quite 12 hours yet.  Both of my hands feel much better. The stiffness is almost completely gone.  The little finger is still sore and clicks when bent, but less pain I think than usual.  I am impressed with them so far.  Thank you again for the gift and the help. Kathy

​I used the Healy Fitness app for 27 minutes twice a day starting 3 days ahead of my swim meet and then once each morning of the swim meet. Coupled with some extra rest and controlling stress of a VERY large swim meet, I felt that the Healy increased my attentiveness and swim performance more than I would have had without it. I am not especially competitive at the National level so this was a personal goal to participate and the Healy helped me both relax and perform well. "

My AmpCoil has been the primary means toward attaining significant improvement of my health and wellness. The AmpCoil tool has proven effective in enabling my whole body’s ability to address both symptoms and their underlying causes — even complex, systemic ailments such as chronic fatigue that had previously escaped conventional treatments. But don’t take my word alone in this. I urge everyone who values life and wellness to consider scheduling an AmpCoil demo to see for themselves.

 --  Lou


Both my husband and I greatly benefit from using Ampcoil's Hormone Harmony journeys regularly. There are plenty of times when Lyme's is kicking our butts or life, in general, is just wearing us down. Being able to boost our natural hormone production as we need it has improved our sleep, our overall happiness, and well-being... In general, the Ampcoil has played a huge part in helping us to get a handle on our illness by giving us the boosts we need to maintain wellness, handle stress, and combat our flare-ups as they occur. Sometimes we have really bad days (thankfully fewer than what we used to experience), and it is so empowering to push a button and see relief within minutes to hours instead of days. It allows us to thrive instead of just survive.  We are so grateful that this device has come into our lives.

 --  Amber


I was suffering from allergies and one AmpCoil session reduced the symptoms [sneezing, watery eyes, congestion] significantly. Also, the voiceprint feature has been uncannily accurate, even confirming what doctors tell me I need.  My sessions with Marjorie are wonderful! I can show up tired and moody, but I leave feeling light, clear-headed and chipper. The anxiousness/nervous tension I sometimes feel in my body is disappearing and I’m finding a calmer, more patient me . Thank you for bringing me back to this sense of well-being!" 

 --  Caron

I love my AmpCoil. My thoughts are so much clearer and positive. I feel much more grounded and confident. It really helped with my seasonal allergies too. I had an auto-immune challenge which got taken care of when I did the General Detox for only 4 months!

 -- Liza

Those Healy Learning programs really work! I used Concentration and Memory while studying for finals. I was better able to absorb and recall the material. During the exams I didn't feel exhausted by the process of test taking like I usually do.  I got 3 As and a 92 on my paper!


I had a rash develop after a tick bite. After 2 weeks of using a steroid cream to treat “dermatitis,” I decided to try an AmpCoil session with Marjorie. The voice print detected the bite and specific infection that was my body’s priority issue. After one session, my rash disappeared the next day! I’m so thankful that I didn’t need to use a higher steroid dose or go on antibiotics. Thanks Marjorie! 

 -- Jina

I had reconstructive surgery 2 weeks ago and am healing quite nicely! I've been using Detox Assist to clear out the anesthesia and running the Skin, Circulation and Bone/Tissue programs to accelerate my recovery. I am able to take walks, experience good digestion, and am sleeping well. I'm telling you, the AmpCoil helps with healing!

 -- 49-year-old female 

Marjorie’s care and AmpCoil benefits are extraordinary. I arrived feeling lethargic and in pain due to a headache which persisted for over 12 hours. The Harmonizer journey resolved these ailments on separate occasions. My experiences with the AmpCoil have overall always left me feeling more energized healthy and peaceful. Laura

I had severe trauma to my knee. Pain, swelling, bruises. After 2 Pain Release sessions, no more pain.” Otis

After my first session my headache at base of my head resolved and I felt so much better. I also was able to cancel my pain injection for arthritis in my big toe. It gets so painful I can’t walk properly and was hurting when I came in 2 weeks ago but has resolved totally!  Cheryl

Before I came here, I struggled to get out of bed and had chronic pain every day. I’ve treated Lyme Disease with antibiotics for 8 months and continue to suffer afterwards. After my first session of AmpCoil I was happier and more talkative. After my 2nd time I was able to finally clean out and organize my closet and room. I’m now able to focus enough to do homework and enjoy my day. I’m looking forward to more AmpCoil sessions and seeing my health improve.  Avery

I am feeling well. Seems like your method is helping….No tick issues at all and I’m back to cyclng strongly!"  Tom

From a survivor of a terrible bike accident that resulted in a broken jaw, fractured arm, and was generally very banged up. After her first session of Pain Release, she reported that she felt "1000% better!" This is her report after a total of 3 sessions: "Yesterday (exactly 2 weeks post-accident) I experienced a breakthrough day — best I’ve felt. Pain level down to less than a 1/10, and swelling way down. Arm color has restored so much, and my overall energy level after the pain program last eve was amazing. Have been feeling really good actually, and really encouraged by this positive healing trajectory! So eternally grateful to you for showing me the ropes and getting me started with this rental too!

Live! We finally get to live!  Text from the Smith Family

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